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L.E.A.D. Academy Trust


Our case study partner is a national Multi-Academy Trust, with head offices in Nottingham, that was listed amongst seven strong performing MATs in the October 2016 HMCI’s commentary report.

The MAT has academies spread over five regions and eight towns and cities in Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire, Leicestershire, Lincolnshire and South Yorkshire.

Spend on supply cover had historically been in excess of £1.5m annually for day-to-day, short-term and long-term assignments. Visibility of pay and charge rates, margin application and varying terms and conditions were major challenges.

Due to the MAT’s obligations to the DfE, the ESFA and a commitment to meeting OJEU thresholds in the Academies Financial Handbook, our partner was keen to adhere to requirements and compliance.

Challenges and Aims

In 2016, L.E.A.D. Academy Trust was a MAT with an estimated 1000 employees which had rapidly doubled in size, from 12 to 20 academies, with a further 5 expected to join.

Its existing model proved costly and unsustainable, while effectiveness was unable to be measured or monitored. The Supply Register was engaged to deliver a managed service model. This transformational project was tailored to centralise the staffing function for all temporary qualified and non-qualified hires whilst managing costs.

The MAT was clear from the outset that, whilst budgetary control was important, it was not to compromise the quality of staff supplied, compliance standards must be robust and supply staff should be treated fairly and be paid to recognised scales.

The overall aims were to deliver recruitment that was:

  • Enhanced – Improve the service that L.E.A.D. Academy Trust receives by identifying and engaging the agencies that can deliver quality personnel.
  • Sustainable – Achieve a cost reduction; with the savings being retained within the MAT.
  • Uncomplicated – Create a central solution driven talent bank, reduce the time spent by schools. responding to recruitment agencies on sales calls, sourcing agencies and screening speculative CVs.
  • Secure – Ensure that all staff put forward/supplied are 100% compliant.
  • Connected – Work with a partner that builds credibility with key decision makers within the trust through meaningful and visible communication and engagement.
  • Fair – Secure rates and working conditions for agency staff inline with their skills and experience.
L.E.A.D. Academy Trust Case Study


The Supply Register focused on the employer brand, which was vital for L.E.A.D. Academy Trust to demonstrate its status as a ‘destination of choice’ when attracting high-quality teaching and school support staff.

The key to achieving this was through communicating a strong, consistent and exciting brand that is aspirational, performance-driven, forward thinking and uses innovative solutions to remodel its workforce strategy.

The due diligence exercise revealed around 19 agencies providing staff to 25 L.E.A.D. academies. This resulted in a significant amount of administration and negotiation by individual academies and a variation in the quality of service and price. As part of the The Supply Register approach a panel of 12 supplying agencies was established, an appropriate size to provide a strong supply of candidates and supplement the talent banks.

To understand and develop the candidate pipeline for L.E.A.D. Academy Trust, The Supply Register concentrated on the core values of the MAT, how it supports teaching professionals at every stage of their career, how it maximises their potential to improve outcomes of both employees and the students and what the collective ambition and strategy is to improve performance.

By prioritising and better utilising the growing talent bank when absences arise, agency engagement is delayed and better value for money achieved.

The results so far

  • Over 8k days of bookings fulfilled
  • 16% savings on spend realised
  • Over £120k of savings realised to date
  • 99.2% fulfilment of submitted bookings
  • Over 50 supply staff utilising the system every week
  • An OJEU compliant solution implemented
  • A partnership team of managers and executives, and out-of-hours support
  • A scaleable and fully bespoke solution for each academy
  • Targeted campaigns to populate talent banks
  • Specific marketing for the attraction of candidates for 'hard to fill' roles
  • A developed talent pipeline to cover day-to-day absence
  • A successful roll-out to locations across all regions
  • A panel of local, national, niche, boutique and multi-national agencies on standardised terms, conditions and rate cards

Whether you are looking for the right candidate or a resourcing partner for all your school’s recruitment – The Supply Register has all the experience and expertise you need.

It’s a service you can trust.