TSR for candidates

Modern ways of working
for modern supply teachers

Find the work you want to do

Stay in control of your supply work. Filter available requirements by your availability, location, rate and favoured schools.

Get paid weekly

Keep track of all payments, earn 90% for daily supply and 100% of the full time equivalent rate (we’re completely free to use) and get paid the following Friday. You can even track your pension, tax and national insurance contributions.

Save on unnecessary administration

Desktop, on mobile, at home or on the go. The Supply Register makes it to manage your temporary work admin all in one place. Our web based technology platform removes the need for paper-based timesheets and invoices, numerous and varied booking confirmations, reducing the administration and freeing you up to the things you want to do.

Build your reputation and provide feedback

The Supply Register is all about great relationships. Get positive feedback from the schools you meet and use it to build your network of favoured schools whilst also delivering feedback about what you like about the schools you work in the most.

Working full time through TSR will earn a worker on average £5k a year more

We completely understand that teachers and teaching assistants on supply play a crucial part in today’s education system. However, if you’re one of the 9 in 10 whose pay is not in line with the pay you’d be entitled to if employed directly by a school…we can help!

Register today and immediately increase your earnings.

With two rates cards, one for day cover and one for long term jobs you could increase your income by £150 per week!

It’s easy to get going, just register your interest and we will start to upload your core information. You will receive your login details and face-to-face interview slot to complete the process.

Further benefits of TSR
  • One universal application process
  • No BR tax codes
  • PAYE (no Umbrella company involvement)
  • Be first to know about jobs
  • Update day-by-day availability
  • Accept/Reject jobs instantly
  • 100% to scale for long-term assignments
  • 90% to scale for day-to-day cover
  • Free verification checks (e.g. disclosure)
  • Build direct relationships with schools
  • Weekly payment
  • CPD support

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